Properties of Selenium For Healthy Use

In food we find selenium, a mineral compound that has a very important function for the proper functioning of the body. For you to be aware of what are the natural sources and properties of selenium you just have to be aware of the following article.

Benefits of Selenium

There are major health problems when we have low levels of selenium. Among other viral infections, psoriasis, thyroid or heart disease. Therefore, this mineral should never be lacking in our daily diet.

Reduces risks of heart disease

Selenium has an outstanding importance in cardiovascular health. It reduces the chances of suffering from diseases such as cardiomyopathy.

Increases metabolism

One of the functions of selenium is the absorption of nutrients. This will make better use of the nutrients found in food and will also improve digestion.

Improve hair condition

It can be a great option for people with dandruff. In addition to benefiting the scalp, get rid of dandruff. You’re already taking time to go to the bathroom to check if the shampoo you use to wash your hair has selenium.

Against asthma

People with asthma have selenium deficiencies, research has shown. To prevent asthma attacks, vitamin C and this compound should not be lacking.

Prostate Cancer Prevention

Men will be very interested in this property. The absence of selenium significantly increases the risk of prostate cancer. Experts advise eating foods rich in selenium to stimulate the antioxidant effect that aids in regeneration.

Main sources of selenium

There are a number of natural sources of selenium that help you enjoy a better standard of living. These include cod, beef, onion, garlic, freshwater fish, wheat germ, poultry, nuts and dried fruit and bonito.

If with these products you do not manage to reach the adequate levels of selenium you will always be left with the last option of consuming selenium supplements, which will allow you to reach the most correct figures.