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There is a growing trend towards food and sport. The cult to the body is something that has been present for decades in society, but in recent years has been appreciated as more and more people are concerned about healthy eating and maintain physical exercise.

But sometimes the diet is not enough and, in order for it to be more balanced and provide all the nutrients needed, supplements must be used.

Dietary supplements are substances taken to improve a person’s health or well-being. They include vitamins, minerals and herbs. The most common formats in which they are found are pills, capsules or powders, although sometimes they are also liquids and are dispensed with dropper.

The supplements are not intended to cure diseases or health-related conditions, but are a contribution to improve or balance different points of the body where there may be a lack of them. It is advisable to go to a specialist to make a general assessment of health and advise the patient which are the products that will benefit their daily lives.

Vitamins and minerals are known as micronutrients because, as their name suggests, they help to nourish the body and keep it healthy. Sometimes it is difficult to ingest all the nutrients that are needed through the food consumed throughout a day, for this reason many specialists advise the frequent consumption of supplements, especially when physical wear is greater than usual due to sports, work or work stress.

TeamTrucker works to provide you with all the information about nutrition, diet, supplements and vitamins.

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